Volunteer Sign Up

The 2020 Texas State Disc Golf Championships tournament offers volunteer opportunities allowing another way for people to be part of the event.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are registering to play, although we appreciate your willingness to volunteer, we would prefer you not signup as a volunteer. We want those who are not playing to have the opportunity to participate in the Texas State Disc Golf Championship experience.

On-Course Volunteers: Spotters

Dynamic Discs and the Rose City Disc Club need volunteers who are willing to serve as a spotter for all 4 days of tournament play (Thursday, March 26 – Sunday, March 29) from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Wednesday thru Sunday.

Spotting consists of staying in a general area on the course to help players find shots not easily visible and mark shots that land out of bounds. While spotters are not responsible for making rule calls, they are integral in ensuring the flow of the game goes smoothly. An instructional video for Spotters can be viewed here. While this video was made for the Dynamic Discs Glass Blown Open, everything you learn can be translated to almost any course and tournament.

On-Course volunteers will receive 3 TSDGC Volunteer Dri-FIT t-shirts. At the conclusion of the tournament, Spotters will also receive a *Volunteer Pack ($200+ value) and a $100 voucher redeemable at Dynamic Discs Tournament Central. The greatest benefit by volunteering as a spotter means you have front-row seats to the tournament!

*Please note the volunteer pack will NOT be the same as the player pack this year. You must sign-up and respond to your confirmation email by March 1, 2020 to receive a shirt in your size.

Off-Course Volunteers: Task Helpers

Dynamic Discs and the Rose City Disc Golf Club need volunteers for specific jobs during the 2020 TSDGC event. Off-Course volunteer opportunities include tasks such as assisting with the building of the Player Packs, Player Check-In, Player Meeting Set-Up and Teardown, Player Party Setup and Teardown and Parking Support and Lunch Delivery. Although these tasks are not on the course where tournament play is happening, they are still very important parts to the TSDGC event! Especially since it is more than a tournament, it’s an experience.

Off-Course volunteers may choose as many 4-hour shift assignments as they are able to work. For each 4-hour shift worked, an off-course volunteer will receive a $25 voucher to the Dynamic Discs RV at Tournament Central. Four of these vouchers may be used to get a Player Pack from the event. An off course volunteer will receive one Dri-FIT volunteer shirt for each day they volunteer (maximum of three shirts). *You must sign-up and respond to your confirmation email by March 1, 2020 to receive a shirt in your size.

Volunteer Sign-up Forms

Once a form has been submitted, please expect a confirmation email within 2 weeks of your submission. We ask you please respond to your confirmation email to ensure you will be volunteering at the 2020 Texas State Disc Golf Championships.

Off Course Volunteer

On Course Volunteer

The video below will help you become an exceptional spotter. While this video was first designed to fit the Dynamic Discs Glass Blown Open, it can be used for almost any event/tournament!